The Asus Transformer Prime tablet went official today with the price set at $499 and packing a Tegra 3 quad core CPU under the hood. The tablet will officially launch in December here in the states and then it will hit the UK in January. Sadly, the launch will be without Ice Cream Sandwich onboard, which was rumored to be the reason the tablet was delayed from the original November launch.

As you peruse the specs of the tablet, you might be wondering about a 3G version and hoping that is going to be offered. Asus has confirmed to sister site SlashGear that there will be no 3G version of the Transformer Prime offered at launch. The 3G tablet will presumably follow a few months behind the WiFi only version as Asus did with the original Transformer.

Asus told SlashGear that they “might” release the 3G version later. The confirmation also came that the Transformer Prime will be coming to the US in 64GB and 32GB versions. In the UK, only the 32GB version will be offered. That optional keyboard dock will sell for $149. The 32GB version will sell for $499 in the US with the 64GB going for $599.

[via SlashGear]