Astro Slide 5G

Back in April 2020, we shared with you the Astro Slide 5G Transformer phone. It features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and already comes with 5G connectivity. Almost a year later, we’re learning about the final specs for the Astro Slide. The project is still listed on Indiegogo. It’s now on its prototype stage so we believe the smartphone will be ready in time for the March 2021 scheduled release. The device looks like an ordinary phone at first glance but slides out to reveal a full physical keyboard.

The slider phone is something similar to old designs of smartphones but this one is different. It’s more advanced in the sense is offers 5G connectivity. It transforms into something like a small computer.

The mini computer-smartphone lets you type with efficiency with the keyboard. Enter notes, answer emails, or write blog posts. You can also check spreadsheets or create new ones for work or your business. Instead of touch, you can actually enjoy tactile feedback. Some people still prefer that over soft touch on the display.

Astro Slide 5G Transformer Features

The touchscreen panel is separate from the keyboard. As described, it’s a pocket computer that runs on 8GB of RAM and an eight-core 5G processor. There is a 128GB onboard storage expandable with a mini-SD card slot. The 48MP main camera is good enough. There is also a 13MP selfie shooter for taking selfies and video conferences.

The screen is AMOLED with color FHD+ resolution and is topped by Gorilla glass. What’s notable is the change from 6GB to 8GB RAM from last year. This one also now uses MediaTek Dimensity 800 instead of Dimensity 1000. It now runs Android 11 from the previous Android 10.

Aside from the Google Play store to run Android apps, you can also use Linux. You can also attach the phone to a bigger display or monitor via HDMI and the USB-C port. Other features include a 4000mAh battery, 10W wireless charging, 5G Power Saving technology, Bluetooth, fingerprint sensor, GPS, and NFC.

Astro Slide 5G Price

You can use the phone in 24 different languages. You can choose the language of the keyboard apart from UK and US English, European languages, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. It allows e-SIM functionality but you can also take advantage of the dual nano SIM slots.


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