You’ve probably read a lot of articles and listicles that tell you how to keep your email inbox to zero. There have even been email apps that will help you manage that as well. But if you still find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the solicited and unsolicited emails that go to your inbox every day, maybe this new app called Astro and its artificial intelligence tool can help you get rid of all that without breaking a sweat.

The app is still in its beta phase but it is already available for Android devices and for those who have Gmail and Office 365 accounts. It has the usual features that email organization apps like folders, scheduling, notifications, mute and snooze buttons, priority inbox, email open and reply tracking, send later/email scheduling, etc. Swiping also seems to be the current mode of going through emails on your mobile device, so you’ll find customizable swipes here as well.

But what makes this email app different of course is the artificial intelligence chatbot that will study your email behavior and then make suggestions for you. It will give you Unsubcribe, Folder and Archive suggestions so email chains and promos won’t make their way to your priority inbox. It will prompt you to delete messages, unsubscribe from emails and archive chains if they think something is irrelevant. If you email with someone regularly, it will prioritize emails from that contact.

Astro is still in beta so expect a few bugs and kinks that hopefully they will soon work out. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Only Gmail and Office 365 accounts can be added to it for now, but they will probably expand this soon.



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