Several email apps have now started integrating calendars to make it easier for users to have one look at their schedules and information. The latest to do so is Astro, and they’re adding more features to it by also adding artificial intelligence to both the email and calendar sections of the app. This way, it can help you manage your day by giving you suggestions and at the same time, you can ask information from it through various supported commands.

The built-in calendar is still in its early stages so we can expect more improvements later on. For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with integrating just your Gmail and Office 365 calendars to it. It also automatically adds several actions that you may do on the app, like snoozing an email, setting a reminder, or scheduling an email for sending later on. This way, you just have one place to look at, if you want to streamline your digital productivity processes.

Your email and calendar AI friend is called Astrobot and is now even smarter and will respond to more commands than ever. It is even divided into two sections: Astrobot Insights and Ask Astrobot. The former will look through your email and remind you to reply to ones you haven’t answered yet or suggests mailing lists you may want to unsubscribe to and lets you know which tracked emails have been opened. As for Ask Astrobot, it will respond to hundreds of commands like set reminders, create new folders, search emails by name or subjects, etc.

Other new features in this latest Astro update include optional daily or weekly updates so you can see which emails to pay attention to, mentions within the email body which will automatically add users to the To field or to Astrobot Insights if they use Astro as well, and a new design to make Astro easier and prettier to use. Update to the latest version to enjoy all these new goodies.