We knew that a new wearable OS would enter the smartwatch scene soon. Aside from watchOS, Tizen, and Android Wear, a new platform is ready to rock the smartwatch game. The AsteroidOS is a new open source operating system that you can use on any smartwatch, at least, any Android Wear based wearable device. We’re guessing this is like CyanogenMod (CM) for the smartwatch industry.

This platform may be community-based and free for all but it’s not exactly one of the most advanced yet. Functionality and features are STILL limited so only a few apps are supported. We’re not recommending that you download and try installing AsteroidOS on your smartwatch but if you’re an experienced Android developer, go ahead and feel free to explore what this new wearable OS is all about. You are free to do some tweaking and hopefully make your own version of new watches, apps, Settings, Weater, Agenda, and more time-related features.

Note that this one is only compatible with Android Wear-powered smartwatches. Important elements like the SDK, graphics, and user interface are based on QML, Qt5, and OpenEmbedded. It may be too early to judge and review the AsteroidOS software but since it’s open source, we know that the possibilities are endless. You just have to wait for more apps to be released by developers or you can develop your own. Who knows, your next project will be the next trending app for wearables.

VIA: Liliputing

SOURCE: AsteroidOS


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