Who’s ready for some more high speed action packed racing? The popular game Asphalt 6 has surprisingly been updated today in the Google Play Store from the folks at Gameloft. They produce some awesome games, but aren’t too big on updates so I’m excited to see one of the best racing games on Android getting an update. The new Audi is awesome too.

Most of Gameloft’s games are extremely polished and work great, sadly they don’t all appear on the market and are pretty device specific at times. Asphalt 6 (one of my favorites) comes pre-loaded on multiple phones and is highly popular. The update today should solve some of those exit and freezing issues, as well as some other unknown bugs.

Today’s update adds an awesome new vehicle to race. The Audi RS 3 sportscar. Sadly I wish they’d have introduced more than one car in the update, but we’ll take what we can get. Gameloft has also improved on the graphics, as well as the visual effects. Hitting the NOS or turbo button you’ll now see better visuals, as well as more life-like wrecks and physics during gameplay. The slight changes makes this game look even better on my Galaxy Nexus, I’m loving it all over again.

If you’ve not tried Asphalt 6 yet we’d highly recommend it. Get the update available now, or hit the link below and buy it today.

Asphalt 6 Link