Can the home screen still be improved? The answer is yes but let’s accept the fact that it can be difficult for platform developers and innovators to deliver a totally new way. Right now, we can rely on app launchers for a whole new look and feel. There are dozens to probably hundreds of launchers available on mobile but only a few can be considered as a total home screen replacement. The ASAP Launcher is different in the sense that it can get the job done in a faster and more organized way.

ASAP Launcher includes a number of personalization features. There are custom icon packs, dark or light theme, custom highlight colors, quick settings, searchable app drawer, smart app drawer, weather information, home screen music controls, quick access to contacts/agenda/to-do lists, and the very obvious Material Design elements.

The app drawer is searchable now so you can find apps and games that are very useful and fun. For those who have tried the app launcher earlier during its beta phase, this particular version now has removed some lag when reopening the ASAP Launcher. Some fixes for the home screen widget and performance tuning have been added as well.

Others have noted that there were some rare yet minor crashes. They’ve been fixed already including the navigation bars or status not appearing or showing completely.

Download ASAP Launcher from the Google Play Store