As long as wireless charging is still not the standard for our devices, then we will still have to deal with the pains and intricacies of charging cables. There are several products out there that can help us manage them and make these cables less complicated than they sometimes are. Crowd-funding sites are a good source of such products, and one of them showed up on IndieGoGo. ASAP Connect uses patent-pending magnetic technology to make it much easier for your gadget to connect to cables.

What also makes this magnetic cable and connector tip extra special, aside from the fact that you can just snap your gadget to it and begin charging, is that it is made of “superior materials” like rare earth nerdymium magnets, 18k gold plated connectors, aluminum shield, and nylon braided cables. The tips are corrosion resistant so it may last longer than your regular chargers. It also has insulated plating so there is less danger of your device short circuiting while charging. The phospher bronze design brings warp resistance and strong connectivity to the cables as well.

The way it works is pretty simple. The easy to insert tip will be semi-permanently attached to your smartphone, since you probably charge it at least once a day anyway. You can then easily connect it to the cable because of the “power” of magnets. There is an LED light that tells you your device is already charging. It has the microUSB tip for Android devices but it also has a reversible Type A connector, because OEMs still want the USB-A to someday be the standard.

ASAP Connect has actually been funded 845% since July 2016, but they’re now offering a Family Pack Special which lets you get 5 sets for just $85 plus shipping (it ships worldwide). You can even choose different device and color options (silver, gold, rose gold, gun metal) options per cable. Delivery is expected by October 2017.