As far as productivity applications go, it’s hard to beat Asana. The web-based task organizer is great for personal use, but thrives on collaboration. With collaboration often comes deadlines, and Asana is set to make that easier on users with Calendars.

A recent update gives users the ability to view their tasks in a calendar view. Traditionally, Asana simply organized things in a list view, and allowed for separate topic headers to be created. With the advent of a calendar view, those projects with deadlines get a more real-world feel to them. It also makes Asana a one-stop shop for team projects.

With Asana Calendars, users get a more visual way of identifying and balancing their workload. It also brings the service more in line with other offerings, and could serve to drag mainstays out of the drudge of Office. Project administrators get a better feel for how their staff is doing, and everyone has a better idea of how the workflow is distributed.

The service is web only right now, but Asana says it will make its way to mobile soon. With that, we should expect a slight tweak to their somewhat limited Android app. If you’re looking for a good web-based project management tool — for personal or business use — Asana is one to consider. With real-time changes and services like comments inside of tasks, it’s a great service, and totally free to use.

VIA: The Next Web