Every time Google Arts & Culture releases a new exhibit or feature, we think it’s an opportune time to remind people that this is one of the best apps you can have on your smartphone, especially if you’re into, well, arts and culture. The newest one is even more interesting if you like works of art that are powerful Color-wise. The Art of Color is the second exhibit available in the Pocket Gallery of the app which lets you explore a virtual space with the power of augmented reality.

The first exhibit from Pocket Gallery last year was a Vermeer retrospective and if you’re a fan of the Dutch painter, it’s something that you should really check out. But now you have another virtual space to explore with The Art of Color collection that was selected according to various color palettes and captured in high resolution for you to explore from the comfort of your couch and through your smartphone.

Go to the camera section of the Arts & Culture app and swipe down to the Pocket Gallery section. Then you point your phone to the space in the real world where you want to see the virtual exhibit. You can explore four rooms with various paintings and each room represents a color palette, like the Blue and Green Room or the Black, White, and Grey Room. There’s even a dark room where Rembrandt’s The Night Watch is placed next to the Op art of Bridget Riley.

Google partnered with 33 institutions around the world to feature their art that were chosen through the app’s Art Palette tool. This tool has been in the app for some time now and lets you discover art that matches a real-world color palette or pattern. They also put geometric shapes in vibrant colors so that it will complement the paintings that are inside the galleries.

You can see the Art of Color in the Pocket Gallery of the Google Arts & Culture app. It doesn’t show up yet in all territories but hopefully, that will be resolved soon.