A couple of months after its public release, the Arrow Launcher is getting a new update. This personal launcher by Microsoft Garage project is perhaps one of the easiest to use and it’s even made simpler for the user. What’s good about this launcher is that it remembers your actions. It’s smart as it learns from the way you use it. Every action you do on the smartphone, the Arrow Launcher remembers.

As with most updated apps, issues and bugs have been fixed already. About 80% of bugs users reported have been squashed already. A new feature has been added–double tap screen to lock. Several enhancements can be expected like better phablet support, updated Material Design user interface (UI) for minor elements, page indicator, and loader among others. That problem of Widgets freezing or disappearing– the devs are proud to say they already solved it. You may not notice it right away but memory consumption and performance improved by 40%.

This Microsoft Garage project allows quick customization and easier page management. App also features 3rd-party icon pack support, widgets, reminders, and customizable dock. With the Arrow Launcher, you can now go to recent photos, dropped calls, app installs, and file downloads more quickly than ever. Set reminders so you don’t forget any task you need to finish or find a contact to make a quick call. Notice that apps are also arranged according to frequency of usage for easier access every time you need that favorite app.

Download Arrow Launcher from the Google Play Store



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