On Android, file managers are a dime a dozen – in fact, considering that most of them are free, they’re considerably cheaper than that. But how about when you enter your custom recovery for a little ROM flashing action, and you’ve forgotten where your file os, or you’re using the wrong SD card, et cetera? AROMA File Manager is here to help.

AROMA isn’t technically an “app”, at least not in the sense of having an APK file. It’s a tiny operating program that lives inside a flashable ZIP file. Reboot into your custom recovery (for most of you that’ll be ClockworkMod) and flash the ZIP. Instead of adding a ROM or app, you’ll be shifted to a full-screen and fully touch-capable file manager. Standard functions like find, copy, cut, delete, move and creating new folders are present.

All the bells and whistles are here, including just about everything you’d expect from a more typical file manager. You don’t even need root to access the files in your System folder, since the software is running before Android ever boots up. For those of you who are both advanced Android users and somewhat forgetful with your files, AROMA represents freedom from having to reboot to shuffle your digital stuff around.

[via XDA blog]