Okay, obviously, that’s not the confirmed and final name of the next major Android update because we’re still months away from any kind of reveal. But people are already starting to speculate what the P will be. Google executive Hiroshi Lockheimer, who likes to tease about things like this, is providing hints at a possible dual name: Peppermint Pocky. And the official Twitter account of Pocky USA is joining in on the fun. But remember, a lot of us still don’t have Oreo yet.

You probably won’t run out of sweet things that start with P (Pie, Pumpkin, Pecan, Popsicle, Puff, etc) so it’s difficult to say whether Lockheimer is being serious. YouTuber Marques Brownlee started the ball rolling when he painted the Android “mascot” in red and white to symbolize Peppermint. Then he tweeted it out, saying he’s calling it now that P will be Peppermint and tagging the Google exec to see his reaction. Lockheimer RTd the post, saying it was an “intriguing idea”.

But then he added more speculation by saying, what if there was a peppermint flavored Pocky, and then tagging the brand as well. The official Twitter account responded by saying “We like the way you think.” This may all be just some Twitter fun or it can also be a hint at ongoing negotiations for the update name. An Android Pocky or Peppermint Pocky may be a weird choice, but at this point in time, everything is just a tease.

Meanwhile, a lot of Android users are still waiting for the Oreo update to arrive on their devices, so that’s probably more important rather than guessing the name of Android P.