Archos has officially unveiled their latest Android device, this one aimed at the television. The device is called the Archos TV Connect and it will bring Jelly Bean to your HDTV. The TV Connect will work in conjunction with the TV Touch remote and is expected to come available in February.

Perhaps more important than when, is what. In this case, what will the Archos TV Connect do and what it will feature. The device is running Android 4.1 and it will allow you to access your favorite Android apps and games on your television. Archos notes this as being the “only multi-touch Android on TV experience.” And for those wondering, the TV Connect will arrive with Google certification which means access to the Play Store.

Otherwise, the TV Connect will have HDMI connectivity (and ship with a cable) as well as USB and a microSD card slot. Connectivity will be Wi-Fi or Ethernet and while Archos notes that the TV Connect will be able to read all your favorite video files, they specifically note the device as being able to handle H.264 in full 1080p HD.

Aside from video and games, some of the expected use cases include surfing the web, checking email and video calling. The TV Connect will feature an HD webcam and LED notification light. Not to mention, it will be compatible with the more common video calling apps such as Skype and Google Talk. Moving over to the TV Touch remote and you will find a device with a pointer, support for multi-touch gestures and a full keyboard with Android shortcuts. That all being said, the Archos TV Connect is expected to arrive priced at $129.99.