For those that are fans of Android tablets, especially ones in the budget price range we have some good news today. The popular budget-friendly tablet maker Archos has just released a brand new teaser video showing off their latest Android 4.0 ICS tablets. Only these are aiming for the Transformer crowd and come complete with an ultra thin keyboard dock like we’ve seen from ASUS. Check out the fuzzy yet HD teaser video below.

Archos last tablet line the G9 series launched with 8 and 10-inch models but I have a feeling they’ll be sticking to the 10-inch form factor for the new G10 tablets — at least the ones with a keyboard anyways. From the short and blurry video below we can clearly make out some extremely thin tablet designs from Archos, and a new white keyboard dock similar to the Transformer and Transformer Prime tablets. Enjoy the video and see for yourself.

With Archos already pushing out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to their latest G9 series, we see no reason the new G10 wont launch with the latest from Google. We are expecting some powerful dual-core processors and possibly even the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core with the new Archos G10 tablets, although they’ve used TI OMAP 4 dual-cores in the recent past.

We have zero details at this time regarding any actual specs. As Archos has only released this very short teaser video. What we do know, is these will probably still be extremely competitively priced like most things from Archos, and it looks to be beautifully thin and have more than one color option. Stay tuned for more details as I’m sure Archos will be unleashing all the info soon.


  1. The new archos tablet will surely pose a threat to the Transformer product line. I myself am a Transformer supporter and the G10 looks like it will be a very impressive device. Tablets can be confusing

    • No it won’t. Archos uses cheap screens, often skimps on memory, and the bezels are just butt ugly in my opinion. I can’t see this being anymore of a threat than their previous budget tablets.

  2. Depends what’s under the hood.  I could be interested, even though I have a Transformer.  However, I’m not a fan of these thin computers — not when you try to use a touch screen.  

  3. Hey Archos, let’s make a deal. If you update my Archos tablet from 2.2 (not even tablet software) to 4.0, I’ll think about buying this.

  4. Archos is total garbage.  They don’t stick by there products AT ALL.  I have owned 4 archos products and they were all hot trash.  No updates, no support, no love. I hope archos goes down in flames.  Sick to asus and samsung for my android tablet needs.

    • So after the 3rd archos device, you tought, hey lets try 1 more time.

      You sir have not had 4 archos devices, i’m almost 100% SURE.

      — i hate dishonest people —


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