The Archos branded tablets keep on comin’. While news of the Archos 32 just broke not too long ago, apparently there was another tablet taking the FCC journey at the same time. The Archos A28 tablet is, actually, not a tablet at all, shockingly enough. In point of fact, it looks like Archos is making a cell phone — even if they are still going to label it a tablet, even after it launches.

Just like the Archos 32, the A28’s display doesn’t necessarily fall into the whole “tablet” region. The A28’s display is even smaller, coming in at a whopping 2.8-inches. It’s a touchscreen, obviously, but no word on resistive or capacitive as of now. There’s 8GB of internal memory, and integrated WiFi. The battery is only 600mAh, so you probably shouldn’t expect great things to come from this guy when you’re not plugged in. At least, not for any length of time.

There’s one 3.5mm audio port at the top of the device, and the standard USB port, too. Again, (despite it being a standard USB port and not, say, a microUSB port) they don’t seem to be going out of their way to make this look like a tablet, more than anything else. The FCC filing did include the A28’s manual, but there’s nothing groundbreaking found inside. We’re not sure if Archos is intending to drown the market with Android products, but they’re definitely doing a good job of it.

[via LAPTOP Mag]