A new month has dawned on us. That means a new Android Security Bulletin is ready. Google and Android have published the latest one containing a number of patches and fixes for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities. Specifically, the 2019-04-05 Android security patch levels are available. This release is expected to deal with all the latest problems that may have or can occur on an Android device. You may need to check your phone’s present security patch level. You may also receive related notifications.

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository should have the new AOSP links now. The patch aims to fix a possible critical security vulnerability within the Media framework. The danger is that it could enable any remote attacker to implement an arbitrary code via a specially crafted file. This can still be done within the privileged process but the latest update fixes it.

The vulnerability could affect any device especially if platform and service mitigations are bypassed successfully or turned off for development purposes. Good thing though there are no reports yet of active customer exploitation. We’re not expecting anything bad will happen.

Android platform security is generally enhanced, thanks to the efforts of Android developers with the Google Play Protect and several Android security platform protections. These Android and Google service mitigations are said to reduce the possibility of security vulnerabilities being exploited right on Android. Technically, it is more challenging now because of the major security changes on the Android platform.

Google Play Protect and Google Mobile Services are usually enabled by default on mobile devices. Check if they’re on especially if you’re the type of user who always downloads from outside the Play Store.

It is highly recommended Android users get the newest version to avoid further issues. Note that the Android security team regularly checks devices and apps with the help of Google Play Protect. Potentially harmful applications are regularly checked for this purpose.

On a related note, the Essential team also released an update that improves brightness and volume settings.

SOURCE: Android