A new beta service called AppsGeyser has launched that has a really cool capability. The service will take any web content and make an Android app out of it. The content transformed into an app is provided in .apk format file and can be freely distributed to other users.

According got the folks behind AppGeyser Beta you can even charge for the app if you are so inclined. AppsGeyser allows options with the finished a product too, you can send pop-up notifications straight to apps and you can get real-time user statistics as well. This thing sounds sort of like Android apps for dummies.

“With AppsGeyser you can clip any web content or get any web widget and convert it to an app in 2 easy steps. You don’t need to code, create and support apps for different platforms. You get it in one box. When you change your web content – all your apps update instantly.”



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