With the millions of apps available in the Google Play Store, it would be hard to find all the best deals and which apps are on sale, unless you scour through it every day and for more than a few hours. But of course, as with a lot of things in life nowadays, there’s an app for that, and that is called AppSales. Now the app itself is receiving a much needed Material Design make-over as the version 5.0 update now rolls out to its users.

In case you didn’t know yet what AppSales does is gather in one place all the best deals and app sales that you can find on the Google Play Store at any given day. It also has weekly app-deals exclusive for those who have the app installed in their device. You can also get notifications in the apps and games that you put on your watchlist, in case there is a sudden price drop or when you can finally “afford” to buy it or its in-app purchases.

With version 5.0 of AppSales, the biggest change is probably the fact that it got a makeover, and it is a Material Design one. There are also several improvements over existing features, like better search functionality, improved sale detection, and support for regional and not just local sales. One new function that a lot will find helpful is the “Latest Discount” which you can see at the sidebar and will be helpful for the time-sensitive app sales.

Oh, and now, instead of logging in with your Google+ account, you can just choose to do your Google login. The update has already rolled out to users, but if you don’t have AppSales yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: AppSales


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