Today we stumbled across a neat app called Appreciate-Personal App Market. We’ve seen similar apps before for Android but what this does is exactly as it’s titled. Shows you apps and games that you’ll like, personalized by what you’ve already got installed, and your interests. It is very thorough but does need Facebook access to truly be used to its full potential. More details and screenshots below.

A good way to explain it would be part aggregator, part app discovery, all based on personal preferences. Once you make an account or sign in with Facebook it categorizes and indexes all your installed apps, and if you share it with Facebook it will do the same with your friends and match app and game similarities. From there you’ll get highly personalized recommendations for everything from games, apps, tablet apps, apps for men/women, new games, even root specific apps.

Above you can see the games it recommends, with a check mark next to what I’ve already got installed. Then once you select a game it gives you a breakdown of downloads, relevance, and gender to make sure it suits your needs. Once connected with friends you’ll see who else has it downloaded, and you even look up similar apps. Basically this is a huge index of tons and tons of games and apps for Android. No longer will you miss that popular fun new game because you didn’t see it in the flooding pages of the Google Play Store. Everything is neatly presented to you — all personalized to your needs, wants, and interests.

The app does have a few bugs where app preview screenshots are blurry, and I didn’t dig too deep into the security aspects either with how it collects all of this data so for those worried about that you might want to take a closer look. If you’d like a way to get personalized app recommendations I’d recommend you give Appreciate a try.

[via Google Play Store]


  1. The recommendation for apps from the site are usually useless or just plan bad…. but I will give it one last try.  But… I have my doubts.


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