With hundreds of thousands of apps and games in the Google Play Store finding new and fresh content can sometimes be a challenge. While we’re sure many of you have dug around looking for a new game, the developers from Stream Media have updated their popular ‘recommendation app” to make finding games and apps even easier. If you’ve never tried Applorer before, today’s update is certainly another reason to check it out.

Applorer is a unique game recommendation and finding app that will help you find the best Android games to suit your needs and style. It offers personalized game recommendations and more, and now they’ve added multiple social network features to their app to make it even better. Oh and one more thing, all games recommended by Applorer are free games from the Google Play Store.

Essentially Applorer will see what you’ve already been enjoying, and thus recommend games based on your interests. Not only that, but today’s update allow you to integrate friends from Facebook for even more suggestions, as well as social gaming ‘circles’ you can join with like-minded interests for even more personalized results. Here’s what to expect:

The new and improved app, available today, added many new social features that make it easier to see what your friends and connections are playing, build game communities, and to share your recommendations, tips and screen shots. Everything can be done in-app, or to your favorite social network and more. With Applorer you can create your own game center, and get personalized recommendations daily, or weekly should you chose. Give Applorer a try today from the Google Play Store.