Oh, it is definitely on! The battle for the top smartphone assistant has been going on for quite some time now but it seems that Apple’s voice-controlled helper has now taken her gloves off. Siri has been reported to have some very amusing replies when people, mistakenly or intentionally, address her as “Glass”.

The rivalry between Android and iOS was taken to a new level when Google unveiled Google Now, which is seen to directly compete with Apple‘s Siri. Google Now leverages data gathered from Google’s search and online services to provide users with relevant and timely data and, in some cases, even let users control their devices. Google Now has also grabbed the spotlight lately with recent voice-controlled devices such as the Moto X and most especially Google Glass.

And it seems Siri isn’t liking it and has a few things to say. Users have reported that Siri has been answering back when her users tell her “OK, Glass”, which is the iconic phrase that is used to trigger Glass’ voice command mode. The humorous responses range from “I’m not Glass. And I’m fine with that” to “I think the Glass is half empty” and “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead.”

The responses have supposedly been around for some time but is only making rounds over the Internet now. Either way, it injects some lighthearted fun into the rivalry. Unfortunately, Google Glass could not be reached for comments.