You win some and you lose some. In this case, it looks like Samsung has lost one. This case involved was set in the UK and was dealing with a few patent infringement claims related to 3G data. Specifically, Apple had been accused of infringing three of Samsung’s patents.

Naturally Samsung was not all that pleased with the decision. Reuters is reporting that the company was “disappointed” and that upon the completion of a “thorough review” they will decide whether or not they will appeal the decision. Apple on the other hand has not offered any statement in regards to this case.

As it stands this means nothing will be changing for those in the UK, and while we suspect this may not be all that exciting of news for Android Community readers, Apple will not have to stop or in any way change anything related to UK based sales. Basically, the iPhone will remain available for sale in the UK.

Anyway, as many will realize, this is just one of the issues between Samsung and Apple. Touching on another case that recently had some changes. Judge Lucy Koh recently removed $450 million of the settlement award in a US based patent infringement case. Additionally Judge Koh also ordered a new damages trial for that case. As that trial stands, we are waiting on word of a date, however the settlement that Apple will get is now down to about $600 million.

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