If you’re reading this, you are likely sitting next to or looking at an Android device. If the current data is correct, we’re comfortable saying it’s likely a Samsung Android device at that. No, we didn’t just get done with some Chris Angel ‘magic at home’ video, we’re basing that on new data from The NPD Group!

According to their research, Apple still leads the way with overall smartphone market share for OEMs. In fact, they’ve increased their share from 35% to 42% for the iPhone lineup. Samsung currently enjoys a 26% share, up from 22% last year. Essentially, that means that on top of keeping their overall lead, Apple has widened the gap between themselves and Samsung, their closest rival.

Some other manufacturers didn’t fare too well, either. LG saw a slight uptick, while HTC saw a massive slide downward. Blackberry was unsurprisingly sputtering this year compared to last, but one thing that surprised us was Motorola. The resurgent handset maker has actually seen a decline, according to these numbers. To be fair, this is a US only study, not a worldwide sampling.

OEM Market Share Q4 2013

With studies like these, we’d be wise to remember scale. The smartphone market is growing, generally speaking, with up to 60% of US citizens now using a smartphone. Studies like these deal with percentages, not sales figures, so we’re more apt to lend them credence. With Samsung’s focus on the mid-range market, and devices like the Moto G becoming common place, we’re likely to see those on feature phones leap to those. Then again, it seems nothing can scrub away Apple’s patina as the most sought after smartphone brand around.
VIA: Tech Crunch