Opening statements are underway in a San Jose court room, this time in the latest Samsung vs. Apple spat. In laying the groundwork for their defense, Samsung made some bold statements today, even going so far as to say the lawsuit is an “attack on Android”.

Samsung attorney John Quinn has begun by distancing Samsung from their standout Android identity as much as possible, noting they are simply part of the issue Apple has, not the cause. Holding up a Nexus smartphone, Quinn did what everyone feared was coming. He hid behind Google:

Not a single software feature in this Nexus phone…was conceived by Samsung, was developed by Samsung, or was coded by Samsung. Not one of the accused features on this phone, which brings us all here today, was designed, much less copied by anyone at Samsung. The accused features on this phone were developed independently by some of the most sophisticated and creative minds in the industry, the software engineers at Google.

Quinn isn’t quite saying Google is responsible here, but he is saying that Samsung aren’t the only ones liable of perceived wrongdoing. Apple is biting, though, going so far as to say it’s not even about Google. They argue that Samsung was making a profit from the devices which have the functionality in question, not Google. This trial is also a form of continuation of the first trial, wherein Samsung was accused (and found guilty) of copying Apple’s hardware design cues to make a profit. That successful argument has now carried over into software.

After a nearly $1 billion settlement in their previous case, Apple is now seeking roughly $2 billion for the infringement of five patents, or about $40 per Samsung device sold. Samsung has conceded that one of the patents is likely one they infringed upon, but the remaining four are still up for debate. The trial is set to last until the end of the month, with Jurors deliberating throughout to make a swift and important decision.