Apple AirTag

Smart trackers are becomingly increasingly popular and more helpful. They are becoming more sophisticated as well as companies strive to make better versions of what they offer. We have seen a few like the Tile trackers, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, and the T-Mobile SyncUP TRACKER. Apple also has its AirTag and many people are saying it is one really smart tracker. AirTags are also said to be preferred these days because of how Apple is changing things. Recently, we learned the Cupertino company is adjusting how it manages the AirTags sensors.

AirTags are being updated at the moment. The update will change the time the tags make noises when used to track a person. Before, it would play in three days but now, it will play at a random time between eight to 24 hours.

AirTags will also soon be available for Android. An Android app version is in the works. It will also be able to track devices part of the Find My network.

Apple describes the AirTag to introduce an “industry-first proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking”. The update comes quickly just a month after the market release of the $29 device.

AirTags can be used to find lost items like bags or keys. It uses Apple’s Find My network technology. There have been questions about privacy since it uses the Find My network. It’s relatively safe and secure but some users may not be too careful or knowledgeable enough.

According to Apple, this can be avoided by adjusting the amount of time an AirTag can send out an alert. It’s possible it can alert a non-owners but reducing the time (window) will hopefully avoid that.