Late last week, the jury deciding the patent suit between Apple and Samsung delivered their verdict, and as many of you already know, things didn’t work out so well for ol’ Sammy. Now that the trial is over, Samsung and Apple have the opportunity to file post-trial motions. Obviously, Apple wants a number of Samsung devices banned from sale following the jury’s verdict, and today it delivered a list of 8 devices its looking to secure a ban on.

Apple is trying to ban the Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S II from AT&T, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II from T-Mobile, Galaxy S II Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail from sale in the United States. After seeing that list, there’s no doubt that Apple wants to hit Samsung hard, as that covers all of the Galaxy S II models available in the United States. Even though the Galaxy S III has been available for a few months now, the Galaxy S II is still a big Samsung seller, so this list isn’t only comprised of smartphones that aren’t pulling in any new sales.

Samsung will be fighting this motion to ban its devices in a response it’s required to file by September 12. Will Samsung’s efforts to stop a ban go anywhere? That’s difficult to say, especially after the jury found that all of those devices were infringing on Apple patents. The two technology giants are scheduled to be back in front of Judge Koh on September 20 for a hearing about the proposed ban, but that may change if Koh decides to give Samsung more time to prepare for the hearing.

Samsung is going to have its work cut out for it if the company wants to fight these bans. If such bans are ordered, don’t expect Samsung to just sit back and take it, as the company will definitely be appealing the verdict, going up as high as the Supreme Court if it has to. Even though the trial has been decided and Apple declared the winner, the fight between the two companies is still a long way from being finished.

[via SlashGear]