If you’re a Google Home user and you were thinking of trying out Apple Music, you might have gotten a bit of a surprise if you saw it appear on the Google Home app. But apparently, it was just a mistake on Google’s part as a software bug opened it up when it wasn’t supposed to be there. Right now, there are still no plans to have it on Google’s smart speakers although you could use Google Assistant to control the music app.

Apple would like to expand the reach of its music streaming app beyond just their own iOs devices, hence the existence of its Android app even if it’s on a competitor’s platform. But for now, having it appear on the Google Home app and therefore in the Google Home devices is still not in the cards for both parties.

What happened was that a software bug was the culprit. The Google Assistant and Google Home apps apparently share various settings for its music services. The bug allowed the Apple Music setting to open up to Google Home app users even though there are still no plans to make it available there. There’s a possibility of course that it will eventually be supported there since Echo speakers now can stream Apple Music.

Right now, you can use Google Assistant to control your Apple Music but only through your smartphone. Meanwhile, Google Home has support for various music services like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play Music, and YouTube Music. Meanwhile Apple Music is available on Apple devices, Android smartwatches and tablets, Amazon Echo and Sonos speakers.

VIA: Mac Rumors