If your music streaming service of choice is Apple Music but you don’t use Apple devices for some reason, having the service available on other devices used to be a challenge. But ever since it became available on Android, other devices have followed suit. Now the latest one to have support for Apple Music are Amazon Fire TV devices after it previously became available on Amazon Echo smart speakers in the US. It will also soon be available for Echo and Fire TV devices in the UK.

With this new update, you will be able to stream the Apple Music service on your televisions through the Amazon Fire TV device. You will also be able to control the playback and volume by using Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa. You can stream playlists, albums, individual songs, etc just by triggering commands by saying “Alexa, play __________ on Apple Music”.

If you have Fire TV Cube, you can play Apple Music through the TV or the sound system that’s connected to your TV. But since Cube also supports Multi-Room Music groups, then you’ll also be able to stream the music on other Alexa devices around your house that are grouped with it.

If you have an Echo device and you previously have the Apple Music skill enabled, you can just start streaming to your Amazon Fire TV directly, If you haven’t yet, go to your Alexa mobile app, look for the Apple Music skill and then link your account to start streaming. For now this is available in the US only but will also soon come to UK users.

VIA: SlashGear