It’s been four years since Apple Music came over to our side and surprisingly released an Android app. While they have heeded some of the user requests, one thing was still missing: the ability to stream your music onto a Chromecast speaker or screen. Well finally, that day has come, at least for the beta version. Apple announced that they will now have Chromecast support and also add 100,000 radio stations in the v3.0.0 beta of the Apple Music app.

Having Chromecast support is important for those who want to cast their music onto a speaker or to a TV and don’t want to use Bluetooth to do so. If the server-side update has rolled out to your Apple Music account and app, you’ll now see a cast icon if there’s a Chromecast connected to the same network. It will also show up if you have Chromecast built-in to another device, Google Home, or a Google Assistant-supported speaker.

For it to work, just tap on the cast icon and choose which device you want to cast to. It should then be able to “seamlessly transfer over” according to Android Police. As for playback control, you should still be able to do it over your smartphone or whatever is the source device. It should make life easier for subscribers who prefer listening to bigger speakers or devices.

The other new feature coming to Apple Music beta is the addition of radio stations. While terrestrial radio may have taken a sort of dive the past years, we’re seeing most of the stations and shows move over to online radio. Now you can access more than 100,000 of them and sourced through TuneIn,, and iHeartRadio. Just search for a channel’s name or frequency and hopefully you’ll find it.

The new things are now live on Apple Music beta and if your’e not part of it yet, you can join the Play Store beta and wait for further instructions. No news yet when it will roll out to the stable version.