The Apple Music app has been ready for Android since the year 2015. It was initially released in beta and then soon started streaming on Sonos speakers. A number of updates have been added to the application including saving music on SD card, music video playback, and family plan offers. It went out of public beta over two years ago after which the first major update rolled out. The most recent news we heard was it getting public profile, as well as, voice search.

We have no idea how many Android mobile users are making use of Apple Music but we’re assuming a lot. Apple won’t be faithful in releasing updates if nobody is using the service. It’s getting another round of update to mainly make music playback even more reliable on some devices. The app update is also said to improve stability much more significantly.

Other improvements include new experiences for music videos. You can now listen to music videos playing in the background even when you are using other apps and services. You can prepare a playlist of your fave videos and watch them inside Now Playing or in fullscreen whenever you want.

The Apple Music app still offers unlimited access to a database (the Apple Music catalog) that contains millions of songs across various music genres. You can also save songs for offline listening.

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