Apple and Samsung, as many of you are undoubtedly already aware, have been trading blows in courtrooms around the world for quite some time now. Samsung, though it’s been hit hard in rulings in the past, managed to chalk up a win today, as a UK Appeals Court has denied an appeal Apple filed back in July. At the time, a London High Court ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab wasn’t infringing on Apple’s design, and today, a group of three Appeals Court judges refused to overturn the ruling.

This means that Apple has to take out advertisements with major UK publications telling the general public that Samsung isn’t guilty of infringement. These publications include The Daily Mail, T3 Magazine, Financial Times, and others. In addition to taking out ads with these UK publications, Apple needs to clear Samsung of any wrongdoing on its own website.

Of course, Apple won’t be required to plaster admissions of Samsung’s innocence all over its website, as the court said that a simple link to a statement on its homepage will suffice. The link has to stay up for one month, and court is requiring this because it thinks it would be best for consumers if Samsung was cleared by the company making the accusations. “The acknowledgment must come from the horse’s mouth,” the judges stated. “Nothing short of that will be sure to do the job completely.”

There is still some hope for Apple to win an appeal, however, as the company could still go through the UK Supreme Court. For now though, this ruling applies across the entire European Union. We have a feeling that Apple will take this to the Supreme Court, but with two courts already denying Apple’s appeal, it looks like Samsung is in the clear. Stay tuned, as we’ll surely have more information on these Apple-Samsung suits soon.

[via SlashGear]



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