Apple fanboys have often been accused of worshipping anything that comes from the brand, even though the rest of the world is saying it sucks or it’s nothing special anymore (I guess that’s why they call them fanboys). Some Dutch humor artists decided to test this out, pretending to show them the new iOS9, which is in fact just an Android OS loaded onto an iPhone, Predictably, the results were hilarious. Well, it would be funny if you were an Android fan or even user, not so much if you were one of said fanboys.

What these humor artists did is to somehow upload Android (they didn’t say which one, but we assume it’s Lollipop) onto an iPhone then go around to the Cupertino fanboys, show it to them, and then ask what they think about it. I think everyone pretty much expected the results, which they uploaded on YouTube, but it’s still funny to watch all the same, as we Android users are in on the joke.

Told that it’s the new iOS9 that will come out soon, the fanboys had nothing but nice things to say about it, saying it’s faster, smoother, the icons are nicer, the features are customizable, etc. What’s funny to Android users is that they’ve probably known this for years (or when they started being on the platform) but it’s hilarious to hear Apple fans saying it, without realizing they’re praising Android.

Some admitted that anything that comes from Apple is always better, and when asked why, one said, just because they’re “chill”. But there was apparently one Samsung fanboy, who said that while the new iOS9 is cool, he still prefers Samsung, without realizing or recognizing that he’s actually looking at his brand. You can watch the whole video here.