Samsung and Apple both saw equal gain last quarter, which stll puts the iPhone on top. Though Android still dominates the landscape, the reigning king is still in charge. Of special interest is the losses and stagnation of other OEMs, even through the holiday season.

The data from comScore was for Q4 2013, and shows Apple with a gain. Jumping from 40.6% of the market to 41.8%, comScore notes Apple still has a huge lead over Samsung. The top Android OEM gain the same 1.2% Apple did, but went from 24.9% to 26.1%. Given scale, that means that over the last quarter of 2013, nothing much changed at the top.

The top 5 were equally as stagnant, with Motorola in the third spot, sliding 0.1% to a 6.7% share. LG held on to number four with a 6.6% share, and no change versus the previous quarter. HTC, however, slid pretty massively. Though still at number five, they dropped a full 1.4% to capture 5.7% of the market.

What we can take form this is that consumer taste hasn’t changed, save for HTC. Not having a new device out for quite some time, HTC is losing ground — and fast. Their upcoming M8 doesn’t create the buzz we saw with the One, as several reports put it as a fairly minor upgrade to the long-in-the-tooth flagship.

Source: comScore