Apple and Samsung’s CEOs have reportedly failed to iron out their differences. Tim Cook and JK Shin are said to have met last week to discuss a possible settlement between the two companies. The sit-down is reported to have been the mediation discussions the two companies were to have before a February 19th deadline.

Though neither company is confirming the talks took place, several Korean media outlets are reporting they have, with Shin and company coming to the United States. These talks come on the heels of Samsung losing big in court to Apple — several times. The South Koream OEM has also been making strides to mitigate damages elsewhere, striking patent deals and just plain playing nice.

With Apple, though… Samsung seems very content to continue stoking that flame. Apple has sued and won several cases regarding Samsung copying their hardware designs, with Samsung promising a bitter end to the disputes. In sitting down, it seems the only resolution they came to was that there would be no resolution.

Apple has long held the belief Samsung was effectively stealing their products, and they have legal precedent at this point. Samsung has been tying up loose ends all over the globe with regard to patent squabbles, but the Apple case(s) hit a little too close to home, it seems. The battle rages on.

VIA: The Verge