So we’re in the dead heat of the Tablet war with Honeycomb coming soon, as well as Apple’s iPad 2 that can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. Android tablets are a bit fragmented now, with many companies offering up poor options that give the name Android, when combined with “tablet” a bad reputation. And, according to Apple’s COO Tim Cook, Android tablets are not only “bizzare,” they’re “vapor.”

Now we all know that some tablets are lacking, but devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab are truly great tablets. It may be small compared to the iPad, but that’s exactly what some users are looking for. What do you think? Do you think a 7-inch tablet is just an “oversized phone” or do you think it’s just a “pocketable tablet?” What do you think of current Android on tablets? Too lacking, or just enough to pass as acceptable?

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  1. I thought Apple products are

    Smart people make products for brainless people…

    After these comments:- it seems like

    Brainless people make products for brainless people…

  2. Very good point, John.

    I do not see why Apple is so against a 7-inch device. But it’s okay with me, more market share for Android. And, if Honeycomb runs natively on smaller screen such as the Tab’s then it will truly be an amazing size for tablets.

  3. Apple have a very valid point. The point of a tablet is that it is a device for viewing the media you would use with a mac or a pc, not a phone. I’m talking about PDF files, word documents, power point presentations, all these things need to be viewed on an adequately sized screen. The iPad offers this, ever looked at a word document on an iPad? The whole page can be viewed almost as if you had the printed page in front of you, think you can do that with a 7 inch screen? You can’t. Apple have got it just right, I’m not saying that I agree with all of apples decisions but for viewing the web, pdf’s, word documents and ofcourse the “magazines” such as pop sci available from apple store, a certain screen size is required. The competing tablets coming out at the moment just seem inadequate, offering some of the capabilities but nowhere near the same experience.

  4. 1. Apple has a notorious history of denying existence of upcoming products strongly and then acting like they just pulled a whale out of their rear end! So, I won’t be surprised if they introduced a 7 inch iPad along with regular one.
    2. They are just trying to be cocky to hide their nervousness! If Honeycomb will be released end of next month with Xoom the way they previewed, Apple will have a lot of tough time selling their crapware!

  5. I think the iPad and the Android tablets are equally dumb and bizarre.

    Who needs to lug around another device?

    Just make my phone bigger, but not quite that big.

  6. it the tablet stays on my coffee table or nightstand to play with at my home leisure, then the ipad will do.

    but if i’m toting the sucker around all day long, then i’m loving the android.

    now if they could only make it as thin as the kindle.


  7. Hmmmmm. I remember another talking head at Apple using the same dismissive tone about the Android threat to iOS on phones. Last time I checked, Android was b*tch slapping iOS in that arena.

  8. 16 Million iPhone in 10Q4, that is about 150K iPhone deliveries (not activations) daily. Half of what Android has.

    There is a reason why this pattern will not stop, most people see that Android innovates, iPhone does not.

    Android has and iPhone does not:

    3D Screens
    Very large screen support
    Super Amoled / Nova screens
    Multicore processors
    Processors up to 2.5MHz
    Laptop dock
    Desktop dock
    Virtual Machines
    Multiple Engineering Apps FREE
    Swift Keys
    Automatic Translation
    Real Multitasking
    Gesture Control (like Kinetic)
    Voice Control
    Free Navigation in 3D
    External hard drive support (1 Terabyte +)
    External SD Card
    Voice chat works on 3G or Wifi (not just wifi)
    Real Keyboards
    The list grows by leaps and bounds
    LTE / HSPA (faster speeds)
    Better hardware
    Better Choice

    Android OS is a year or more ahead of IOS. IOS 4.3 equates to Android OS 2.0 on functionality

    Apple can place iPhones in every Kiosk, it wont sell more than natural market growth. Android adoption is twice as large as iPhone. Its just a matter of time before iPhones become a footnote on any webpage.

    Apple is still making money. And probably will for sometime to come. But there trend resembles a lot what Enron looked like.

  9. @Joseph have you actually used a Galaxy Tab…I don’t mean played with on on display, I mean used one. Yes the extra screen real-estate of a 9/7″ is nice to have in some circumstances, but the practicality of a 7″ tablet can not be dismissed. And the user experiences between an i-product and an Android device are not meant to be compared as they are fundamentally different approaches to the same deliverables. If it works for you, God Speed I say.

    @Ural – Wow! “Processors up to 2.5MHz,” you don’t say! Android must be incredibly efficient and well tuned to run at those blistering speeds! Which Phone is currently running at 2.5Mhz? I just want to know which phone to avoid at all cost! 😉

  10. Even so, an oversized phone is superior to an oversized iPod.

    And that only counts non-Honeycomb tablets. At least Google are utilising the extra screen size with their Honeycomb tablet OS.

  11. The problem is that the Galaxy Tab is the exception, not the rule. There were _dozens_ of Android tablets last year, and the Tab was the _only_ one that was half decent. And it was too expensive. There has been significant damage done to the Android Tablet market in 2010, because of the thousands of $100 resistive touchscreen, 1.6 based, marketplace-less tablets coming out of China.

    Personally I don’t want a 7″ tablet when I have a 3.7″ phone. I appreciate the portability issue, but hey – that’s why I have a phone. And phones are getting bigger anyway. Either way, the Tab was very expensive for what you got. I’m waiting to see how the Motorola Xoom fares, and the Notion Ink thing.


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