So we’re in the dead heat of the Tablet war with Honeycomb coming soon, as well as Apple’s iPad 2 that can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. Android tablets are a bit fragmented now, with many companies offering up poor options that give the name Android, when combined with “tablet” a bad reputation. And, according to Apple’s COO Tim Cook, Android tablets are not only “bizzare,” they’re “vapor.”

Now we all know that some tablets are lacking, but devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab are truly great tablets. It may be small compared to the iPad, but that’s exactly what some users are looking for. What do you think? Do you think a 7-inch tablet is just an “oversized phone” or do you think it’s just a “pocketable tablet?” What do you think of current Android on tablets? Too lacking, or just enough to pass as acceptable?

[Via SlashGear]