One of the best things about Android is that here are tons of apps out there for users to choose from meeting just about any need or want for the device. A new app from AppStoreHQ has been unveiled called appESP that is an app for other apps.

That sounds confusing, but the appESP application is a personalized platform that helps you discover apps for your Android phone and is dubbed a discovery engine by the maker. The app will make recommendations for you based on three different sources.

It looks at statistical analysis by comparing apps installed across all Android users, social networking by looking at what your friends are using, and by a function called Zeitgeist. That last one looks through blog posts, tweets, and news for mentions of new apps.

In the end, you get leads for new apps delivered directly to your phone. The user can customize their personal searches by hitting the like or dislike button on the recommended apps to teach appESP what you like and don’t like.