While apps have definitely made our lives easier, they have also contributed to our lack of focus at work or at school, or to our lack of rest during times when we’re supposed to rest. Notifications here and there can sometimes drive you crazy. Good thing there’s an app to help you with that (the irony isn’t lost on us) and one of those is AppBlock – Stay Focused, which from the name itself explains what its purpose in life is.

If you still didn’t get it from the name, the goal of this app is to help you focus by temporarily blocking certain apps and notifications so that you will not get distracted from the task at hand. So if browsing through your social networks while at work (and the company allows it) has reduced your productivity, it’s time to block Facebook, Twitter, 9Gag, etc during working hours then just set them to go back on again during your breaks or after work, You can even block your mail when you’re on vacation, as long as you tell co-workers you’re unreachable during a certain period of time.

If you still need the apps to be on while at work but you don’t need the distracting notifications, you can also choose to disable them from the particular app that keeps bothering you. To organize everything, you can create profiles with certain rules for a particular group of apps. You can even protect your app with a PIN code, in case you’re afraid someone will mess with your blocks and stuff.

You can download AppBlock – Stay Focused for free from the Google Play Store. There are still some in-app purchases available should you need to add a few more features.



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