Have you ever been on a call with either a colleague or a family member, then when the call ends and you switch back to playing your music, you realized your device volume was actually on maximum and so you almost lost an eardrum? Having different volume levels for apps is a regular thing but normally you have to manually adjust them. But an app called App Volume Control can now help you with that situation.

From its name itself, you can probably surmise what the app is all about. But in case you need a little help, the app is called a “smart volume manager” and can actually get you to preset your volume controls per app. You create a “rule” for each of the apps that might use your device’s speakers. You can also adjust the music, ringtone, alarm, notification and system volumes, just like in your device’s default sound controls.

But when you start any app, you will be able to adjust the volume and also adjust it again when you’re closing the app. And if you want to restore the previous default volume before you used a particular app, you can also do so with App Volume Control. And if you use your smartphone or tablet to play a lot of music, you can set it up that it will prioritize your music, no matter what app you open that will also have sound.

You can download App Volume Control from the Google Play Store for free. But if you want to remove the ads and some limitations as well, you can get the pro version for only $0.99.