With hundreds of thousands of apps in the Play Store, reporting on app updates daily would be nearly impossible. However, when there’s multiple updates that are all quite major and extremely popular, we’ll share the information. Yesterday Google Maps, Twitter, and Vine received updates, and today we’re seeing a few more big names getting quick fixes.

Google pushed some small bug fixes to Google Maps, but the version is specific by device, so we don’t have a full changelog. Not only did Vine get an update yesterday, but it’s getting another today. Twitter for Android got an update yesterday with share features and improvements. It’s now easier to join a convo with the new reply composer, and the share button now allows you to share a tweet via direct message. That’s nice.

Today we’re also seeing an update to Twitter’s Vine app, although just a minor one at best. They’ve fixed a bug that was causing sharing to Facebook to fail, fixed some uploading problems, and you can now share profiles via SMS messages. Then of course “other various improvements” was listed as usual.


Tinder, the new popular social-network type dating application from iOS received an update. It just launched recently for Android, and if you’re single, check it out. Maybe you’ll find your match a few houses down. Oh, and the official Imgur app received an update that should make it much faster, and add stability. They’re claiming “huge speed improvements” on the Play Store.

Last but certainly not least (not to mention we’ve missed a few less important apps) Reddit is fun was just updated. It’s my favorite Reddit client for Android, and it just got even better. You can apply custom themes to the app (pro users) they’ve added link flair for those posting to crazy subreddits, NFC sharing, and even filter posts based on titles or flair. So that’s pretty well rounded.

There’s plenty of other app updates over the past few days, but these were a few big ones in general, and a few I noticed here on my devices.

VIA: Play Store