September has so far been a very busy month, with device and product announcements going on left and right. Developers have apparently also been quite the productive bunch as new versions of some of our favorite Android apps start rolling out.

Springpad last week made available a new version of its popular digital collection and organization tool that not only simplifies the way users use the app but also makes their notes look better. Springpad users will now be able to easily and immediately start editing a note just by clicking or tapping on the text that needs to be changed. The app also gains support for rich text editing, giving users access to bold face, italics, and other styles that will look consistent on any supported platform or device.

Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, has seemingly embraced the wearable device lifestyle. The new version adds support for the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Gear, enabling users to listen to saved pages and control playback right on the device. Those who don’t own the smartwatch still benefit from the latest update which brings in improved Text To Speech controls, allowing users to control the feature from lockscreens, headphone buttons or the notification tray.

Agents involved in the great augmented reality conspiracy of Ingress are also getting a couple of treats with an update to the Ingress scanner app. Users can now set their own agent avatar, that is, their logo to put on their profile. The octagon surrounding the avatar will indicate the agent’s level, which ranges from 1 to 8. Ingress is also introducing a new streamlined training flow that will surely help new recruits in getting used to the game.


Last but not least, smart keyboard TouchPal X has also released an update that not only fixes some serious crashes on some devices but also brings in some entertaining new features. Starting with the new release, users can add Emojji input and use a walkie-talkie style of voice input. The team has also added support for 37 languages, bringing the total to 69 languages.

The updated apps are already available on Google Play Store and should be reaching owners now. But as always, some apps might take longer to reach different regions so a bit of waiting might be needed in case the update isn’t available yet.