The app updates just keep on coming. Slowing down from all the news today about Hugo Barra, Microsoft wishing they were cool and had a Google Now, and other things, we wanted to mention some updates. As usual, there’s too many to mention but a few important apps received updates today. As well as some we figured you sports and NFL fans might want to check out.

Today we’re seeing updates for Google+, eBay, Facebook beta, Imgur, NFL Kicker 2013 (awesome), Bleacher Report, and even the extremely useful Yahoo! Sports, formerly Sportacular. So read on to see what’s new, and if anything is worth checking out.

For one Facebook beta was updated today, although we aren’t seeing too many changes. They’ve added a new photo system that notices when your phone has new photos, and the icon will turn blue with a counter of how many new photos Facebook detects. I don’t like it. Then regular Facebook updates are rolling out, which are coming to mobile soon. That being videos will automatically start playing, and probably suck all your data down. More details will be coming soon about Facebook for Android.

Then in other social news. Google+ received stability improvements and bug fixes on mobile, and on desktops and the web they added some powerful photo enhancing features using Snapseed. So have fun and make those photos even better.


eBay for Android got a neat update this week as well. They’ve added a “beam” option to share items and search results to other NFC capable devices. eBay added location-based search results, and will deliver a local pickup option later this year. And the option to update, edit, or add shipping address info and profile details right on our mobile devices. Finally. Not bad guys, not bad at all.

Imgur received another update, which appears to be a weekly occurrence lately. This one added comment sorting to filter through the tons of comments in that massive GIF and Meme community, as well as a tap to play function for GIFs. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Get it here.

Now that Football is finally here, we wanted to highlight some apps getting updated today and this week to help you enjoy the best sport in the world. Team Stream by Bleacher Report added live scores and alerts to their massive list of features. Now you can get more than just the fastest news in sports, you’ll get scores and alerts as well. They even have a Heisman Watch stream, just don’t expect Johnny Football to win it twice. What a mess.


NFL Kicker 2013, which is an extremely fun and addicting flick-to-play game was updated, and reminded me how much of a blast it is to keep me busy during halftime if I’m not getting food and beer. Mainly just bug fixes, but give it a try today from Google Play. Then Yahoo! Sports was updated as well. Which is still my favorite go-to app for all things sports on mobile. They didn’t add anything for NFL because nothing needs improving, but we now have WNBA, MMA news, MLB play-by-play, and bug fixes with their latest Android release. We’d recommend trying their awesome app out today.

That was just a few of many important app updates today in the world of Android. At least in my world of Android apps. Get them all from the Play Store link below.

VIA: Google Play