We all know that Android is well-loved because it’s highly customizable. Okay, it’s not totally the safest and most secure mobile platform today but there are many ways on how to keep your device private. Google takes mobile security seriously so you have nothing to worry about it. All you need to do is work on making your device totally your own by personalizing it.

Another way to customize your Android handset is to change the app icons aside from changing the themes. You can create folders for easy access in the future but creating shortcuts as you would in a desktop is more efficient. An app called ‘App Shortcut Maker’ lets you create shortcuts not only of apps but also other activities on your smartphone.

You can use custom shapes like maybe an apple, Ace, heart, or a smiley as a shortcut icon. If you have icon packs, you can use any icon from the following: Start launcher, Go, Adw, apex, Nova, and Aviate. To make things more interesting, you can even choose any image from your gallery. Make sure you give the shortcut a name too. To make things faster and easier the next time you use your phone, set the Search Apps and Favorite Apps to allow quick finding for programs you want to use or open.

Shortcuts for activities on your phone can be made as well. You can set a shortcut for opening a web browser or setting an automatic alarm. The app is free to download but in-app purchases are offered. Not all features we mentioned may be available for free but we recommend the pro options so you can create an icon from images, use more shapes, and open other icon packs.

Download App Shortcut Maker from the Google Play Store