Today we have a few awesome games and apps for your favorite Android smartphone and tablet all on sale for excellent low prices. Below we’ll mention a few we figured were worthy of the attention. Not only is one of the best shooters from the folks at Gameloft on sale for just $0.99 but it looks like multiple SEGA games have all been discounted around 40% too. Check it out below.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour from the developers at Gameloft is one of the most popular and best selling shooter games for Android, and for a limited time they’ve dropped this top-tier game down to just a dollar. Well, $0.99 to be exact. The Gameloft Blog confirmed the sale today and it’s available for multiple platforms as we speak at the new low price.

Then as mentioned above, a few awesome games from SEGA have just been dropped too. Talk about a deal alert. The always fun and extremely addicting Jet Set Radio initially landed for Android back in November for the slightly high price of $4.99, but today they are offering this classic hit title for $2.99 instead. The same deal can also be found for Sonic CD, since we know there’s plenty of Sonic fans around these parts.


Sadly it looks like their latest games Sonic 4 Ep I and II are both priced pretty high and still $4.99 so aren’t partaking the the good deals. Oh and while we’re at it the popular Grand Theft Auto III has been discounted from $4.99 down to just $1.99 again, so get it while it’s available for cheap.

Then for the NCAA March Madness fever Sports Tracker PRO is currently 70% off, so check it out. Surely there’s plenty of deals to be had, but these were a few fun ones worth mentioning. Drop us a comment for other good deals and grab them all from the links below.

GTA III link
Modern Combat 4 link
Jet Set Radio link
Sonic CD link
Sports Tracker PRO link