As you may have seen, Android Community was subject to a security breach yesterday.  While we have been advised not to make public the full details of the incident, a high-level password was compromised and an individual with issues against Android Community management took advantage of the situation to post defamatory and explicit content.

We’d like to unreservedly apologize to anybody offended or insulted by the unauthorized content that was put onto the site and its forums.  We’re working hard to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who got in touch to alert us to the problem.  We’re also grateful to those Android Community users who consistently flag up forum and comment spam.

Android Community is more than news and reviews, it’s about like-minded people sharing their thoughts and ideas.  We’re proud of our forum community, of the links we’ve built, and of our moderators.  If anybody notices something out of place that you think we may have missed, please get in touch; our contact details are in the forum as well as in the side-bar on the Android Community frontpage.