It looks like some big changes are coming to Google Play. In an APK Teardown from the folks at Android Police, they discovered some pretty massive changes coming to the service. The first one involves a more heavy implementation of Google+. It looks you will have to have a Google+ account in order to leave app reviews on Google Play. This means when you leave a review, your name and photo will probably appear next to the review. It also looks like some tweaks are coming to the way you share apps, probably in form of sharing your reviews with Google+ circles.

It also looks like you will be able to pre-order things from Google Play on Android. It’s not clear if this feature is ready up and running but just not used by anything yet, or if its a feature that is coming along soon. Either way, it looks like the feature is coming soon.

It also looks like a new design for Play might be coming. It appears that the template may be coming from the web version of the Google Play Store. This should be nice, as the Play Store is not necessarily the most well designed app store out there.

The last change is the ability to report an app as harmful. This feature has been around on the web Play Store for a while, and it looks like it’s coming to the Android store soon. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to report malware infested apps and make the Play Store a safer place.

[via Android Police]