There are a lot of really good email apps that are available out there for your mobile needs. If one goes away, you can immediately find a replacement that should match or at least come close to what you liked about the original app. So those who love the Alto email app should start looking around already for a new email app to use as AOL has announced that you can no longer download the app or create a new account by November 9.

The Alto email app has been around for just five years but some people really like it as it has tons of features and yet has retained a very easy to navigate user interface. It is absolutely free but also has no ads to interrupt your email experience. Some users have also praised it for being well made enough that there are hardly any bugs even when updated. It was able to pull details from your emails like flight information, schedules, etc. It also had Slack and Amazon Alexa integration, a built-in calendar, list view of photo attachments, etc.

Unfortunately, all of that is going away soon. The Alto app will no longer be available for download and for new account creation by November 9. Then by December 10, they will discontinue support for the app. This means you can still use the app probably, but there will be no more updates or bug fixes. And we all know that you probably will not survive that eventually.

But the Alto team did say that they will “be shifting its focus to something new and exciting,” so there may actually be a new product that they will be launching soon. In the meantime, just look for another email app to suit your needs.

SOURCE: Reddit


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