AOL and Verizon Wireless have announced a new partnership. This is one that will have the portal coming to Verizon Wireless smartphones. In addition to the smartphones, the portal will also be available on “certain” tablets. Verizon hasn’t specified which tablets, however they have said it will include some running Android.

This is set to go into effect sometime “this summer” and basically means quick and easy access to the portal. This means access to everything from breaking news to maps and weather as well as popular videos and live streaming events. The portal is also able to be customized which will allow the user to narrow things down to the information and details they want to see.

Basically, if you are using an Android device with Verizon Wireless — at some point this summer you will likely notice the AOL portal access. Verizon didn’t offer much in terms of specifics here though. As of now the details include how “customers will have the AOL portal bookmarked on their smart phones and tablets’ web browsers.”

Given that it seems the AOL portal access will be nothing more than a new bookmark in the browser. In other words, those who find this to be unwanted should be able to delete the bookmark without much trouble. While we prefer our handsets to be free of carrier influence, this addition seems to be rather mild.

[via Business Wire]