If you flash as many ROMs as we do, you know it’s a pain to set up everything juuuust the way you like it. Apps like Titanium Backup can help, but these usually aren’t meant for the ROM itself. If you’re currently rocking Android Open Kang Project (like me!) you can now save a little extra time when switching to a new device or flashing a “clean” ROM. It’s not a Nandroid, it simply backs up the settings in the custom AOKP menu.

So, if you prefer your status bar clock centered and your notification toggles just so, head to the Google Play Store to download AOKP Backup and save a few minutes of hassle. For a simple operation there’s a surprising amount of options – you can back up everything at once, or just specific sections of the ROM control app. Currently the built-in Weather display (the one that shows up in your status bar or lock screen) is not supported, but it should be compatible in a future build.

AOKP Backup costs $2, with no ads or any extra junk. Currently the app is chilling with a 97% five star rating, so it’s safe to assume that if you like AOKP, you’ll find a use for this app. It should work with all supported devices in recent builds. But since the software and the ROM Control app changes so rapidly, it might take a day or two to work with future builds.

And oh yeah… these guys still love rainbow unicorns.

[via RootzWiki]