If you already have the Xperia Ear, an in-ear assistant device from Sony, you will want to update its software as it now has a new feature called Anytime Talk. Even though it’s still in the beta mode, you will be able to utilize its multi-person chat feature that will come in handy if you’re conducting a meeting or just chatting with your friends. Of course, the thing is, the people you’re talking to need to have their own Xperia Ear to be able to join this voice conversation.

With the Anytime Talk feature of your Xperia Ear, up to five people (including yourself) will be able to have a conversation simultaneously and all you need to do is press a button in your ear piece. You will also be able to record and then send messages with a nod or shake of your head. So if you and your friends are out running or cycling, you will still be able to talk to each other if you want to. And if you run a restaurant, you can use it to communicate with the kitchen from the front office without disrupting your service to your customers.

You would need to go to the Xperia Ear companion app and input the four other people that you want to include in your group. Since it’s still in beta mode, it may not work perfectly as advertised. But if you’re okay with trying out this new feature, then you should update your earpiece’s software.

And you also have to remember that you’ll be able to use Anytime Talk with other people who also have the Xperia Ear. It’s available on Amazon, Fry’s Electronics, and ABT in the US with an SRP of $189.94.